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      Castrol Premium Lube Express - 5 Star Rating

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    About Us

    BucksMont Business Friends sets aside the rules and regulations that can make networking groups feel more oppressive and annoying than functional or helpful to business success. Their are no membership fees for joining and no monthly or annual dues.

    To join, you need to be invited by another member and then approved by a vote of all members. Once a member, you simply pay for your weekly meals and participate in the weekly lunch meetings. Meal choices are provided off the menu of the popular Blue Dog Tavern each week that are delicious and meet anyone's personal diet and taste.

    Attending each weekly meeting is encouraged and there are so overall attendance requirements, the primary focus of membership is building business relationships, trust and friendships.

    Generating Quality Business Contacts

    The strong commitment by members within the group creates trust, enhances each members commitment to quality and that trust and commitment extends to each member's clients. ...

    Our Mission Statement

    We are a business people coming together to form a professional organization that seats only one representative from a profession to become a member. The purpose of this group is to help each other grow their businesses and gain new networking opportunities.

    We will attempt to have a structured meeting. This does not mean we can't have fun and have a light-hearted meeting that we look forward to each week. It means that we need to adhere to time frames that we have written including the 1:00 finish time. The mindset should be to sharpen our skills and each member should be focused upon what the member can bring to the meeting to benefit the group, be on time, bring positive energy, look for referral opportunities with every client and focus on how to be concise and make their points in a timely manner. Other people's time is very important ... TO THEM.

    The reason for structure is not to hold people back nor to diminish any good or desirable part of the meeting or of the group. The purpose of the structure is so that everyone knows what to expect at each meeting and what we should expect from each other.